What Is a ‘Trailing Spouse’?

Quite frankly, it’s a horrid term! But to answer the question, it basically means following your partner to another city or country because of their work.

When I hear the term ‘trailing spouse’, I picture myself running behind my husband and kids at a busy airport. I’m carrying all our bags and blindly following him to jump on a plane to a random country that I know nothing about. Thankfully, this is not my reality! But it is a term that doesn’t sit well with me and doesn’t add much to your own self-worth if you choose to support your partner and explore a life overseas.

Many trailing spouses give up a lot (careers, friendships, family etc.), to embark on a new life with their partner. Hopefully that choice will positively impact their partner’s career, but it may also stall theirs. And while many trailing spouses are more than comfortable making those sacrifices (like I was), daydreaming about expat life and living it day to day can be two different realities.

I don’t pretend to be an expert and my experience is my own. Everyone’s situation is obviousy unique. My blog shares insights into my life as a trailing spouse and offers suggestions if you’re considering becoming one.

Enjoy and I hope you find it helpful!