About me

My name is Kelly, mum of three amazing and exhausting kids (ages 10, 8 and 4). I work as a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist, am a self-confessed coffee addict, and fall under the less-than-glorious title of ‘trailing spouse’.

After more than 15 years working in the corporate world in various marketing and comms roles, I switched to freelance writing in 2021 when we relocated to South Korea for my husband’s job. I love writing about travel, the life of a trailing spouse and the day-to-day realities of living in a foreign country!

We first took the leap into international education in January 2020 (not the best timing obviously…..). My husband is a teacher and after being based in Brisbane for 10 years, we were looking for an exit from the daily grind of work, rushing the kids to daycare/school, cooking dinner, sleeping and repeating.

Working in international education was something we’d talked about for a long time after living overseas in our 20’s. After a lot of research my husband landed a job in Lima, Peru. Our excitement levels were high! We had spent six months in South America pre-kids and absolutely loved it.

We spent a month travelling throughout Chile and Argentina (exhausting but amazing). Finally, we arrived in Peru excited to embrace a new way of life. Three weeks in and COVID hit. Our international adventure turned into almost 18 months of online learning for my husband and our two eldest kids (then aged 7 and 5). Not exactly the adventure we had in mind….

Managing multiple zooms (on less-than-capable devices), motivating screen-fatigued children and looking after a demanding toddler was intense. Throw in no support system, limited language skills, and ever-changing COVID regulations, our time in Peru was one of the most challenging things our family has endured. But looking back, I have fond memories and miss living in Peru. The people, culture, food, and general vibe of Lima made it an incredible place to live.

We haven’t given up on our international dream though. Currently based in South Korea, we’re into our second year of life on Jeju Island, experiencing a new culture and a very different way of life. All the while planning many future travel adventures…..